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The Cotswolds

from £95/pers
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Bath & Stonehenge

from £125/pers
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London by Night

from £45/pers
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from £65/pers
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White Cliffs

from £55/pers

Why a Tesla?

Because we belive in sustainable energy and a less poluted life. The Model 3, wich will be your home for a day, is a very comfortable and smart car in the same time. You will experience the amazing autopilot feature, a very good quality sound system and the frightening torque. Reserve your seat in one of the most exclusive cars in the world!

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Main Benefits

of booking a tour with us

in a Tesla

It's always better to travel with locals.

You'll discover hidden places that you can't find in commercial guides.

You'l be picked-up and droped-off from and at your hotel.

And of course, Tesla.

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